Boy, it’s been pretty quiet around these parts for the last month! I’m still working hard on a lot of work I can’t share, but I’m finally starting to claw back a bit of time to start working on personal development stuff again, as well as focus on goal setting for the next 6-12 months.

I recently purchased (at the recommendation of the wonderful Sam Hogg) several of Anthony Jones‘ video tutorials on concept art workflow. This is very different to the sort of training covered at The Oatley Academy, which is predominantly focused on building strong fundamentals and visual storytelling. Generally speaking, I’ve shied away from studying speed techniques, as I concentrated on building my understanding of form, lighting, composition and colour. That said, having spent the past several months in fundamental mode it felt pretty good to switch it up and build upon that knowledge with some more technique focused tutorials.

The first video up was Kitbashing Your Own Paintings – a process that I’d only ever heard talked about before, but had not really seen in action. Provided as a 55 minute demo, along with all of the source files and brushes, the tutorial covers the entire process of producing a rapid concept to quickly and concisely articulate an idea to an art director.

Itching to put this newly learned knowledge into action, I jumped straight in. Above is a WIP of a robot sketch I did using Anthony’s kitbashing techniques, totaling about 60 mins work so far.

As well as a real time video demonstration and source files, Anthony guides you through the thought process behind the decisions he makes, along with sharing useful shortcuts, tips and tricks on how to save time on repetitive tasks. I thought I was pretty hot on using Photoshop, but even I picked up some valuable new ideas!

It’s been a really interesting exercise, and well worth the watch – I can’t wait to buy the next videos as they’re released, as for a $5 a pop they are an absolute STEAL. Head over here to check out the rest of Anthony’s great videos.