I’ve always really wanted to use the wide bodied grip that is supplied as an accessory with the Intuos 4 grip pen. The problem I’ve had with it though is the lack of pen buttons. The absence of them has meant that every time I tried the wide grip, I’d invariably revert to the standard grip because I rely upon them so much.

However, after a bit of plotting and scheming it turns out there’s a relatively easy hack to fix this.

Using a sharp scalpel/xacto knife blade, cut the shape of the button from the rubber grip. With a little tweaking and trimming (a gentle sawing motion works best as it’s a springy material), the button will fit back inside the grip and still move freely (make sure to test this before you move on to the next step).

1. Cut a hole for the button with a sharp knife.
2. Trim to allow for the button to sit within and click freely.
3. Check the button fits!

There are now two options: 1. Glue the removed piece of grip back over the button to make it sit proud of the pen, or… Use Sugru! I’ve been waiting for months to find an excuse to use some Sugru for a project, and this seemed like a perfect fit. Simply sculpt an extension to the button with a salpel blade (taking care to make sure it doesn’t stick to the rest of the grip) and set it to cure overnight.

Option 1 – glue trimmed grip back on.

With a little luck, it should look something like this:

You’ve now got the combined functionality of the standard setup, with the comfort of the chunkier grip. Stay tuned for more Wacom Hacks and ideas on to how improve your digital art workflow!