“I am no longer scared of colour”

Well the dust is finally settling after 3 epic months of Painting Drama 2. It has been an amazing period of growth, filled with the necessary combination of frustration and elation.

Over the course of 12 weeks, we explored the theoretical aspects of colour, light and atmosphere, as well as diving into their implications and uses in constructing immersive dramatic images. From there, we spent several weeks discussing and experimenting with different types of palettes before focusing in on more personal struggles on an individual level.


Although it was a considerable amount of hard work (15hrs+ assignments a week), I feel I can now confidently say that I am no longer scared of using colour. In fact, I now feel equipped to answer the questions that working with colour in a composition throws up. Before I started on PD2, I would tiptoe around the concept of colour, and would try to fudge my way through a painting, figuring it out as I went. I would look at other artist’s uses of colour in paintings and marvel at how they had such control…and would wonder endlessly (or perhaps more ‘aimlessly’) as to how they did it. Post PD2 though, I can now visualise and construct palettes with greater confidence, knowing what tools to use to manage the hues within the composition to achieve the desired effects, in a controlled manner. The paint is still drying, mentally (if you’ll pardon the expression), but it definitely feels like there has been another noticeable mental shift, much in the same way as there was in the wake of Painting Drama 1.

I’m still working on my final assignment for the class, which I’ll post here (along with the WIPs) as soon as it’s finished. I’ll also be heading back to a couple of the assignments we completed to rework pieces that I felt were successful. For now, it’s a case of getting some mileage under the belt and really grooving a lot of the concepts and processes from class, before heading onwards and upwards to CTNX portfolio preparation.

In the meantime though, I’ve got a couple of NDA projects on the go, a Game Jam at the end of the month to prep for and a whole host of new articles in the pipeline for next few months. So in the words of Samuel L in Jurassic Park: ‘hold onto your butts!’