Another week, another couple of paintings for PD2! Although it’s been a really steep learning curve (and a LOT of information to take in), the concepts that are being taught about colour theory and exercising control in paintings are really starting to take hold. Although these were both pretty quick paintings this week, I’m please with how they’ve turned out and may even go back in to polish them up a bit more after class. For now though, I’ve got this Saturday’s class to digest and another set of paintings to crack on with, so I’d best get started!



Quick note that I used photo reference from the fantastic Amethystdreams on Deviant Art. Go give them some love for producing such great content!

I also managed to get out in the sunshine yesterday for a couple of hours to experiment with some plein-air painting on the iPad. I’d say as a first attempt it was semi successful, but I’m definitely looking forward to having a go at it again soon as the weather improves.