Before I started, I had a pretty strong idea of what I wanted to do with the pose and colour in this painting. The first step as ever was to put together a small thumbnail sketch, that I then worked back and forth between hand drawn revisions and photoshop tweaks. This is where having a scanner/printer setup comes in handy, as I could print out light perspective grid lines along with a sketch rough, before tightening up a pencil sketch. I also did a couple of form studies of both Megatron and Lazerbeak, to make sure I understood how they would work together.

After the prelims, I actually went back in and cut up the drawing in Photoshop, before recomposing and printing out again as a light rough, as I wasn’t happy with the gesture and weight in the pose.

From here, I scanned the finished lineart in at 400dpi, and saved a copy. Then, I dropped the res right down to 1000x1500px, and set the lineart to multiply and began work on a colour comp. Already having a good idea of what I wanted to achieve, I found I only needed to do the one, before I moved on to the final painting. At this point, I blew the image back up to 4000x6000px and started to paint (I wasn’t worried about artefacting or lost res really, as I was painting over it all anyway!). I can’t emphasize enough how useful the comp stage was, as it allowed me to get all of the ‘working out’ of the lighting and colour placement done early on, so there were fewer surprises and challenges in the later stages. From there, I set to painting the finished piece the same way I always do – 2-3 layers at most, painting with a chalk tipped brush.

Finished Painting