Just a quick update – D&D went off really well again last night at The Conto Lounge. We had about 8 or so of us jamming away, once again Mike gave me a sketch challenge – this time a Goblin Inventor! I also did a bit of a colouring demo on my laptop, and had a great catch up with everyone (Especially my old buddy Lee. Great to see him drawing again!)

Other than that, we’ve got more excitement in the pipeline for D&D over the next couple of months, and I’m making good headway with the writing… so who knows – I might actually start drawing my book by the end of the year! (..provided I also start nailing some of my portfolio goals as well, and keep up with my OA work, and start some print designs… OK, maybe the book will start next year…)

My quickie of a Goblin Inventor!