Yesterday saw a run to the local art stores for  much needed supplies. I grabbed a selection of heavy weight, smooth finish cartridge paper in different sizes, pencils, sharpeners and a lap board…more than enough to keep me entertained for an evening!

I mention this relatively mundane task as I want to highlight a point that it’s taken me a very long time to absorb:

“It doesn’t matter what you draw with to make good art. But, DO make sure to keep experimenting; try different pens, pencils, papers, markers persistently. Experimentation in materials as well as exercises will drive the evolution of your work. Find what works for you and go with it.”

I spent the longest time trying to find out what pencils, papers, leads etc that my favourite comic artists used, and I always took it as a bit of a brush off at cons when they’d say ‘it really doesn’t matter’. I used for years a 2H 2mm lead holder, because I knew that’s what a lot of pros used. It was only after I stepped back and started to play around with materials and setups before I realised that I really didn’t like using that thing! I now tend towards col-erase pencils and either an HB or F graphite pencil, both sharpened with a long point sharpener. Finding your preferences and your materials is all part of your artistic journey, so keep trying new things.

So, armed with fresh supplies and a plethora of crap TV on last night, I did a bit of a materials experiment, this time trying to build confidence with markers (as I love the look, but am pretty timid using them!). I did a Hot Rod study the night before, so I thought I’d build on that. Really enjoying getting back into drawing Transformers!

Hot Rod study from Friday night

 Above : Pencils and then marker treatment. It’s been a while since
I drew on a lap board – quite liked it!