Here’s a tool that was stumbled upon by my coursemate (and all round superstar artist) Sula Moon. Go check out her work, then come back. I’m serious. GO NOW!

…OK, you’re back! So here’s the link to the tool. It’s similar to a perspective tool that was released by one of the guys at EPIC earlier this year, but the great thing is that it’s Mac friendly! I’ve been playing around with it a bit this morning, and it’s super useful for grid creation (and is about 50% quicker and more flexible than my current method!).

And finally – Here’s another WIP from last night’s painting session on Optimus Prime. Another 2 hours or so logged, I streamed for the first, but the second boffed up recording sadly. Oh well! Will see if I can get back on with it today, as I’ve really been enjoying trying to tackle these reflective surfaces. Not there yet, but definitely getting there. I also redrew Prime’s head as it was bugging me, I think it works much better now!