Here’s a work in progress shot of the painting I started this afternoon as a bit of a wind down after a manic week of work. I started with a sketch from earlier this year, and went in quickly blocking out values with the lasso and gradient tools. Clipping masks and screen/multiply layers were really useful here! Using this method, I actually got the entire underpainting done in about an hour, which meant I could power straight onto to layering in colour (with colour and multiply layers in tandem) ready for detailing. I streamed a bit this afternoon, which can be found over on my channel here. Anyhow, more to follow!

 (above: Sketch – 30mins approx, Value and colour block – 2hrs)
In other news, Drink and Draw is going from strength to strength; I’ll be putting up a post going into more detail about this in the near future. Oh, and I picked up the ‘Remember Me’ artbook by the tremendous team at Dontnod studios and OH MY LORD…It’s gorgeous!! (been thoroughly enjoying the game too!)