I just want to take a moment to say a massive ‘HI!’ to new followers to the blog, and another THANKS to Chris for sharing my tutorial on Twitter. That was awesome. Anyhow, welcome guys!

So the second Drink and Draw night in Bournemouth went off with a bang last night, as we pretty much double our numbers; artists from across a wide spectrum of disciplines came together to chat, jam and, of course, drink beer. It was great fun — I think we’re all eagerly anticipating the next one in 2 weeks time.

The Drink & Draw Crew hard at work!

 In other news, I’m plowing through the last few weeks of lessons in Painting Drama 1, before getting ready to head back through the earlier weeks and really see if I can cement some of this amazing knowledge. Homework assignments are going well, and I’m back onto lunchtime studies (which took a hiatus through June and the first half of the month!), which I’ll be sharing as I finish them. I may even get back on the LiveStream and start broadcasting again as well. For now though, here’s a pretty quick value study from yesterday, done on toned paper: