There’s a reason getting older is slightly awesome: receiving books as gifts for your birthday goes from super dull (as a child) to awesome. Thanks to the wonderful Charlene (my P.I.C) and to my folks for these gems! It should also be noted that a little help in the form of an Amazon Wishlist is not a bad thing either 😉 I can’t wait to devour these, particularly the books on Rockwell and Leyendecker; I feel like I’m so late to the classical art and illustration party, there’s just so much amazing work and fantastic artists to catch up on! (…and Rockwell and Leyendecker are, unsurprisingly, two favourites). Right, onwards to cake and general merriment… well, provided this stomach bug I’ve had for the past couple of days will play ball.

The Best of Norman Rockwell & J.C Leyendecker
Loomis and 3D Total’s Digital Techniques vol 3. Great combo!

Gah, cannot wait to read these two!