I either need to stop watching the Turtles cartoon, or start looking for a job at Nickelodeon 😛 I drew this last night for my buddy Bruce, as Mikey has always been his favourite Turtle, and after the character revamp of the new series I think I’m starting to lean the same way! I love the fact that his nunchaku doubles up as kusarigama, so I had to one in. If I get chance later this week, I may start a paint over on this, but it’s going to be quite a busy one with another Oatley Academy live session and work on my Audacious Accomplishment pending.

This weekend also saw a whole host of information arrive about the International Art and Design Symposium from Concept Art in May/June. Suffice to say I’m more than a little excited, the current programme looks like it’s going from strength to strength!